Binding input box to a list element

Binding input box to a list element

Hi guys,

I'm developing a page where I have some configurable fields with input boxes.
The information that populates the fields (e.g. default values) is stored in a list.
I know beforehand the number of elements in the list and I define my input boxes in the screen accordingly.

Is there a way to define that an input box variable corresponds to a specific element of the list?

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I'm not sure if I understand you problem, but you can do a ListRecords with your list (that populates the fields) as SourceRecordList and a input inside it with its source set with the current value of the ListRecords. You will not have all the inputs at design time, but at runtime you will have all with the respective values of your list.

Hope it helps.
Good morning,

TableRecords is exactly what I'm trying to avoid, as I need to have a custom defined UI, which is only possible with "hardcoded" label and input boxes.

What I have at the moment is two variables (with the same information):
 - The list with the fields' information, which I can iterate when I need (but I can't use to bind to the input boxes)
 - A variable with all my fields, each one with the same structure as an element of the list, which I can use to bind to the input boxes (but I can't iterate because it's not a list!)

The only way I see to "iterate" this second variable is using a switch, also something I would like to avoid...

Do you know of any possible workaround? 

Kind regards
I don't understand. The hardcoded labels/input boxes are different from each other? In this case, as you said above, you should use the switch to assign the elements of the list of your respective local variable. I can't see other way to achieve this in the scenario you've explained.

Imagine I have a list with 10 elements with known properties (the field name for example).
My UI is configured with those 10 elements with label/input boxes according to the known field names.
As I want to avoid using TableRecords, I guessed there was a way of assigning each label/input box to a specific element of the list, thus avoiding that second variable where I apply the switch.
If your list had another field with the field names, in a ListRecords scenario you could set the content label/inputs field names with the values existing in the current record. You can assign each label/input with values of a List in a ListRecords, what you can't is create a link between them (will not be possible to get the typed value from the assigned source variable, for example).
Can anyone help me with this ??

Coherence Suggestion
The variable of the UStatus Combo Box inside the WorkOrderTable Table Records is not bound to the widget's List variable.