Problem Uploading Files

Problem Uploading Files

I have a problem when I want to Upload a File in my application. I followed this guide:

But I keep having a message that says "String or binary data would be truncated.
The statement has been terminated." when I want to make the upload in the application.

Yannick Rios
Are you trying to save the file in the database?
If so, make sure the length of the attribute that will store the filename and/or the file type, is bigger than the length of the filename/type you are trying to upload in your test.
Yes I did that, thank you!
Now, when I want to download that same file I get the file with a strange name, I can open the document but I don't know how to change that file name, here's an example.

The name should be Plataforma OutSystems.pdf
What value are you setting in the "File Name" property of the Download widget?
Are you concatenating the filename and type you retrieved from the Upload widget? If so there is your problem, you only need to pass the filename value as it already contains the file extension. The type you can use in the "Mime-Type" property of the Download widget.
Thanks!!! It was that, now it works.