ComboBox to Filter Tale Records

Hi all

I'm new in Outsystems. I've been doing some testing in a personal environment and Community version.
I'm kind of stuck in a possible simple problem. I've a TableRecords feed by a connection to a SQL table from an external application. In this TableRecords I've a Name and Validator fields and some other. I've been playing around with filters. I'm trying to show in two comboboxes the distinct values those two fields so I could filter by one or the two of them similar to a filter in Excel. 

Any direction on how to do it would be great!!!

Kind Regards,
José Gonçalves
Please elaborate it a bit more.

what is the issue you are encountering?
what is not working exactly?
do you have an oml to share or images...
Hi José,

Normally, you'd make extra queries (one for each combo box) that does a SELECT DISTINCT on the attribute you need, but since this is external data, this may not be possible (I can't judge). Depending on how many different values you have, and depending on the size of your list, there are several approaches you can take. The easiest would be to ForEach the list and check the values, adding the unique ones to a list. But that may be slow depending on size of the list (you may want to use a TextDictionary to test for doubles more quickly). Also, the SortRecordList extension has a "remove duplicates" feature, but I'm not sure whether you can use that on a specific attribute, or only on the entire record.