I'm making a form where a person can enter their hourly rate. A dot is the standard as a seperator, but in Holland we use a comma. Now I wan't my form to accept both when I validate.

I have used the Client & Server validation, and this works, it accepts the comma and changes is it to a dot, and this is fine for me. But, when I use this kind of validation, the form validates two times, Client and Server. The problem with this is, is when I change all red boxes (so all inputboxes with the wrong input) and I hit Save again, new red boxes appear because now it validates on other requirements. So I practically validate the form twice, which is not user friendly.

Hi Bert,

The only thing you can do is have the input be Text, and validate the input text yourself, server side.
so what are you asking exactly?

you can change validation to none or server only for example.
you can set the valid-state on server side yourself to override stuff..