User groups for multi-tenant applications

User groups for multi-tenant applications

I have a question regarding multi-tenant environments and a problem I'm currently having.

In a solution I'm currently working on we created the functionality that we can create groups for users per tenant. I've adopted the functionality from the user eSpace and made tenant specific. In maintanance the functionality works fine, so I can add/delete/edit groups and I can add user and/or roles to the groups. When I add one of the groups to the user I can also see that the roles within that group also appear under the role section. So far so good.

Now when I go to a screen in the application were the user has permissions for through a group, I get an invalid permissions. I would have expected this to work fine, but apparently it doesn't. I would have expected the platform to support groups for other tenant, since the groups entity is a multi-tenant table.

Hi Mark,

Did you solve the issue?

Groups entity support multi tenant functionality, i may have an error on your logic.

Are you aware of the "Users" multi tenant eSpace available on the forge?

More documentation here:

Hope it helps you.

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Daniel Martins
Hi Mark, Addition to what danial refers can you please check your role entity to see the role for the screen in group is active or not. What happend some time when you delete a role and create same role again it will keep the same role name with the deleted as inactive and the new as active and your group you created earlier may have the id of the inactive one. Regards -PJ-