Update Data for Entity

Update Data for Entity

For the application I am curently working on I have already bootstraped data from excel files to populate the database for my entities. I would like to know how I may be able to bootstrap the same updated excel file so it will write over the current data in my application.

Also what is the proper format to have in excel so Outsystems recognizes time when it is trying to bootsrap for an entity attribute with the data type of Time? Currently my excel file has the Time as the type but when I boostrap the data Outsystems does not recognize the information.
Hi Pied,

In order to update your database with new excel file, perform these steps.

1. Create file upload control (Preferably pop-up)
2. Create one button "Import".
3. On import action, iterate through each record from excel.
4. Take one aggregate including table which you want to update.
5. Apply filter condition for unique value which matches with excel and database.
6. Give input parameter from excel to the aggregate.
7. After this take assign widget and assign values to aggregate attributes from excel.
8. Take update action from entity after this. Source record must be current values of aggregate.

Also to have proper format for time, I am giving just text in excel and at the time of assigning from excel to table value converting as TextToTime().

I hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade