How to get value from combo box

How to get value from combo box

Good Morning,

I have created combo box (drop down) by assigning only special list values as

Value1    0
Option 1 Select Type
Value2   1
Option 2 Datasheet

In my screen action (here action is for Export column), I want to check if Datasheet value is not selected, it should throw exception as "Please Select Type".

How do I do this since there is no variable for comparison?

Note: I am calling this combo box (drop down) inside Table Records widget.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

If you check the combobox widget properties there are 2 properties for variables. One will be filled with the Id of the source record (if there is one) and the other called "Special Variable" will be filled when one of the items from the Special list values is selected.

You will need to point the special variable to an attribute of the list that you are iterating in the table records, so you can check it later.

João Rosado