Hi guys.

We are about to get PushWoosh configured. I would like to know when I receive a message on the device. Where can I process that message? Where will I receive it?


Hi JP,

I'm not sure what "device" you are talking about, and I'm also not sure what OutSystems has got to do with it.
That isn't how PushWoosh works. You send the message to the device through the PW API in your OutSystems application. If you want to do something when the user gets the message, you need to have your app on the device respond to it when it is open... you will need to look at the PW documentation for that.


When the Outsystems Now phone application is installed on the device, it also has code that allows your phone to receive messages from the Outsystems Now application.  In Outsystems, you install a module to expose the extensions to trigger messages to the phone.  Then in your application, you just add the actions to your code where you need to send the messages.