Is there a way to Schedule Deployment, in some sort of a CI way?
The deployment to another environment is a manual operation, but it would be a great feature for LifeTime.
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are big things these days, and this kind of tool is almost expected since we already have all the Deploy Plan and stuff.

Another aproach would be using the LifeTime API, for exemple to be able to create a Default Deploy plan, and throug a REST or SOAP API trigger the deployment of that plan.
Why is it a big thing?

What is the advantage over now the simple easy way of manually do it?
How do you expect it to work in outsystems?
Do you expect a timer that checks for new stuff and deploys it?
what prevents it from going immediatly from dev to prod, since nothing stands in the way of deploying?
but then you also need tools to functional test it properly etc.

I work for a company that have at least 30 programmers working on various aplications that together form a big solution. We already have a "culture" to create a deploy manually every day, but i gess that having "a bot" doing this, would ensure consistency on the schedule.

I dont think that "check for changes and deploy blindlessly" would be the best solution, but an API would work preaty well.

Already having the deployments info in the LifeTime API, exposing the funcionality of programatically adding a Deployment would be almost natural. And would be simple to prevent from going to production adding a flag on the application page like "Ready for Deploy". Of course, the unit test plugin aviable in the forge must be installed as well, to ensure that the application is stable.

Having worked on large web projects for over 15 years I think having the ability to schedule an update is essential. No matter how good your deployment process is doing a deployment while users are online and working isn't a good idea. For example what happens if a user is half way through submitting a form that you have changed and added several extra fields or changed the workflow? The ability to select what to deploy and have it run at a quiet time would help minimise potential user disruption.