Temporary Attribute

Temporary Attribute

Good night for all,

I have a simple page that shows a bunch of data {Name, PhoneNumber}, I'm using a Table of Records for that. I wrote a preparation that masks the latest 4 PhoneNumber characters. I'm overwriting the PhoneNumber. Example:
PhoneNumber -> 111-222-333-4444
MaskedPhoneNumber -> 111-222-333-****
In this table I want to add a a column that holds a Check Box and once the user selects the check box, I want to show the full number.
To do that, I was thinking about have a temporary column to use as the MaskedPhoneNumber, but I dont know how to do that using Entities. Overwriting that value like I'm doing, I cant get the real value again.

Can anyone help me?

I appreciate
Hi Tudao,

If you are using OutSystems Platform 9 or higher, you can add a Calculated Column to an Aggregate, and that attribute will only exist in the context of that query:


Another solution would be having an if widget on the TableRecords cell, and depending of the boolean value from your checkbox you would show one of the two expressions: one with the mask and the other without it.
Thanks for the help Carlos =)