How to send multiple values as input parameter

How to send multiple values as input parameter


I have a page that has a table record and check box for each record. I have a link at the bottom of the page which lets me navigate to an action where the selected values are processed. 
These records are child records related to a single parent record. While navigating to the action, I'm sending the parent record Id as parameter to the action.
Inside the action, I'm processing all the child records and creating a comma-seperated-value of all the child record ids and sending to a different page as input to destination. 
This works fine when I have 10 or 15 child records. But when the number of child records is more than 100, it fails and redirects me to a 'Error:404' page.
Is there a better way than sending the values as a csv? Is it possible to send multiple values as input parameter? If not, then how can I manage to send multiple child record Ids to the next page without sending it as an input parameter?
You could write all this data to an entity with enough identiying information that the action knows which records to process and once processed delete them from the entity.  This would allow an unlimited number of elements. Another way would be to use the built-in List actions (like ListAppend) to create the list of entries and pass the list as a single parameter.  See the help on ListAppend for details.

Hope this helps,
Hi Curt,

Thank You for your help. I used the ListAppend action and it is working as I expected.
I created a Record List and used ListAppend to create a list of all the Ids and passed it as input parameter to the next screen. Though it is giving me a warning at the input parameter stating "Screen input parameter of 'List' datatype should be avoided".

I've seen that before but someone from Outsystems would have to tell you why they produce that warning.  It's also the reason the List was my second alternative, not my first.

Hi Himanshu,

Using a Record List is definitely not the best option. You're increasing viewstate and the page size. 
Can't you pass an Id to the other page and do the logic there? Even if you have to query the database again it's much better performance wise than using Record Lists across screens.