Auto Logout Warning Window

Auto Logout Warning Window

Morning all,

I was hoping someone could help with an issue I have in displaying a warning dialog box to users shortly before they are auto-logged out.

I am using javascript to detect a length of time without server activity (setTimeout). However when I use I get blocked by popup blockers in all browsers.

I need to open a new window which has focus as our user may have left the page and started doing something else eg reading word document and I need to inform them that we will log them out shortly so they need to save any unsaved data.

the javascript "alert" function works in some browsers but in IE11 it doesn't appear to "pop" to the front and so our users won't know they have a warning.

This must be possible as banks, etc display a warning box without popups being enabled but I can't figure it out.

Is there anything in ousystem V8 to help with this scenario ??

Any help appreciated.


Hi Kenneth,

Same way you're calling you can intead execute a javascript to show a hidden panel in the screen (an absolute div in center of the screen). This panel can be a webblock, so you can reuse it wherever you want in your system.

Best regards,

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately this doesn't address my main issue of opening up a brand new window - something that will gain focus if the user is not in the browser.

thanks anyway.