Hi guys,

I was setting up Cases App on my personal environment and I could not complete the POP3 Test Account.
I have tried with gmail and yahoo. I had a look 
Is it working or is any limitation on the personal environment on the Cloud? It gives an error that cannot communicate because of a common algorithm.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Francisco,

I'm not entirely sure whether your problem is de POP mail or some other aspect of the app, but if it's the former, check out this post on sending mail from a personal environment.
Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the answer.
I was able so send emails but when retrieving the Inbox e-mail it gives an error. 
I have builded an app that receives and send emails.
Is anyone using the RichMail action to get the emails?
I have tried to debug the extension with Visual Studio looking at this post . I made all the steps but could not find the modules to debug on the VS, I probably made some mistake in the way, I will give it a try today again.