Editable table doesn't work. "Cannot read property 'BindAfterAjaxRequest' of null".

Editable table doesn't work. "Cannot read property 'BindAfterAjaxRequest' of null".

Hello guys

I am just trying to make an Editable Table to work. If I create a new module with an Editable Table, it works fine. However, when I use the widget in my main project, it just doesn't work. The buttons to add or delete the records won't even appear. When I go to the console at my browser, the Editable Table throws the following error:

"Cannot read property 'BindAfterAjaxRequest' of null" on EditableTable.js.

It may be good to mention that my application were upgraded from to Bali 9.1.301.0

I don't find a way around this. Any suggestions??? Thank you!
have you updated all references?
which silkUI are you using?

My references are updated. I don't really know what Silk UI has to do with an Editable Table, because in a separated module, where the Editable Table works well, I don't even have it referenced. However, maybe you got a point that I don't understand. 

I don't really know the correct way to know the running version of my referenced Silk UI framework, but the tooltip of the icon says: "Framework 1.1.1"

How I update it and, what it has to do with the Editable Table? Any thoughts?

Thank you!!