[Google Maps] zoom level

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Published on 2018-10-18 by Labs
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Published on 2018-10-18 by Labs
Hi guys
the zoom does not work
I had to comment on the code (//gMap.fitBounds(gBounds);)

is there any other solution?

Hey there, Bruno,

Can you please be a bit more specific? Do you mean scrolling to zoom doesn't work? Do the "+/-" buttons on the lower right corner show up at all?

Best regards,

Carlos Simões
when you set the parameter in Weblock
this zoom is ignored and makes auto-zoom

Hmmm, you're right!

We should add a condition to only do fit to bounds when the 'zoom' property is not specified or even if it makes sense to run when the map loads.

Are you using bounds to adjust the map zoom according to its markers? Becaus I'm not sure you'll keep that functionality with that line commented.

If not, everything should be OK.