Expose REST: Form data?

Expose REST: Form data?

What is the best way to expose REST via form data inputs?

|'m not sure I understand what you want to do. (Well, I'm pretty sure I don't understand it :).) Care to elaborate? 
Example of a REST web service that retrieves form data and returns a JSON response

HTTP POST request
Authorization: Bearer 123

HTTP POST Response
Content-Type: application/json
   "message":"successfully updated user profile id: 123"

You can consume a web service method that uses form data but not expose a web service method using form data! Form data should be built in, but its not???? the current workaround solution is to retrieve the web content, parse the query string, then assign values to local variables!

Real world example: https://stripe.com/docs/api#create_charge
Hi Robert,

When consuming a REST service, you can specificy the Request Format, one of the options being Form URL Encoded. I'm not entirely sure what this parameter does (haven't used it), especially not in relation with parameters in the URL, and parameters that have a Send In of "Body".

When exposing a REST service, you can only specify the Receive In of a specific parameter. It seems that in this case, if you specify Body JSON is assumed, and if you specify URL passing in the URL as form data is assumed. So when exposing REST, you have slighlty less control. That said, passing form data in the body seems odd - why not use JSON?