Auto-sending of Email periodically

Hi Guys,

Currently, I am calling my email widget within an action which sends an email to a particular addressee.
This works fine and I was able to send an email. However, I have this new requirement. This time, I would like  to send the email periodically(repeatedly) to the addressee. 
The intention is to auto-send the same email to the addressee after 5 days and 10 days, etc. not until
a specific response was received by the application (I might just do this by updating a tag in one of the entities I am using).
Do anyone of you had the same requirement before?
Can you please assist me on how you did it?


Hi Dennis,you can do it by using Timer ,You need to have a table where you will have the data for sending the email like emailid\subject\body etc and also a date which will b eupdate every time after an email has been sent to taht address.
Now create a timer and inside that timer loop through all the rows by last mail sent date (based on your logic 5 days or 10 days) and use the email widget to send the mail.