Hi guys

I receive the following error "exception occurred in the client script. <br> Error: previewstat[$(...).attr(...)] is undefiend".

This happens when a "List Records" component is empty, gets populated and refreshed. Everything works fine, I just receive this error message. I have connected a paginator to the component.

The exception is caught outside of the page.

Any help would be appreciated.


please share a simple oml where it occurs...

so we can reproduce it as well and check the logic.

I dont have a simple file :) but attached the whole project in here.

Its on the "ManageIncidentsList" Page. It occurs after the "NewIncidentLink" Link has been clicked and the "IncidentDetail" screen closes.

Thanks for your speedy reply.

Hi Jean-Pierre,

"previewstat" is a variable from the SectionExpandable widget javascript (from Silk UI Framework).
From the project you've attached you are using Silk UI Framework 2.0.0. Try updating it to the latest version (v2.2.0) since the error may be already fixed.