You're invited to Developers Morning!

Hello awesome people,

We’re happy to announce that Developers Morning is on!

What is it? An event fully dedicated to developers, where you will be able to meet other developers, OutSystems experts and the engineers behind OutSystems Platform

Where? In our Lisbon Offices! (awesome, right?)

When? In the morning before Next Step. Monday, 2nd of May, from 10am to 1pm.

Pizza? Yes!

For everyone attending Next Step, we will provide transportation to the venue (CCB).

For those who aren’t, you are also welcome to join us!

There are a limited number of seats (only 100!), so secure your place by registering now!

Pizza in the morning? Now that's a novel idea :).
Well... more towards noon :) How does that sound?

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:
Pizza in the morning? Now that's a novel idea :).
Better! :) A good filling before NextStep starts :)

Can we attend online?
Yes, of course :) We will live stream (most) of the event through Periscope - so you can almost "walk" around the rooms as if you were there!

We will post the link here soon! 

Fabian wrote:

Can we attend online?

Wonderful! Please stream some Pizza as well ;)
Man I missed the live stream...hope the pizza was good.
Well, eating pizza in Portugal is like eating McDonalds in a star restaurant, but otherwise it was fine :).
very nice!

was fun too see :)

(and I hope the t-shirt fits :) )
Have you recorded meeting of Developer's Morning?
Whether it fits or not, the design is awesome J. :) I just have a minor quibble with the negligible step between binary and hex, but hey, can't have 'm all :)
Btw, my sincere thanks to the wonderful Carla, who made this all possible!
Outsystems, have you considered talking at the pizza place to do a special edition with a hole in the middle? The official OS meal.
Have you recorded Developer's Morning?