Integrating with web services in OutSystems Platform

i am developing an web application using outsystem platform.
i have written my wcf service in .net and know i want to integrate into outsystem. but i cannot find any solution for  integrating service.
could you please help me in resolving this issue.

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Syed Riyaz
Electronic Solution House
I tried this link,
i have consumed the wcf service but it not not returning any result,
could you please help me on this.

So you can import the WSDL from the service, use one of its exposed methods but it doesn't return anything?

Does your web service return a error code or an error message if an error occurs? What should it return?

In Service Center Monitoring, do you have anything about the web service execution?

my web service retunrn return code and variables also.
no i dnt have anything in service center monitoring