Service Studio does not run (Windows 10 Insider)

Service Studio does not run on my personal computer running Windows 10 Insider Preview.

Service Studio 9.1.301.0
Windows 10 Home Insider Preview
Build 14332.rs1_release.160422-1940

It starts showing the Service Studio 9 Bali splash screen with the progress bar but in the end it disappears and the IDE never shows up.

Don't know if the problem is related with the Insider build or something else :/
Do you have another computer with a normal Windows 10 version? Does it run there? If so, I'd assume that yes, it's the Insider build...
Yes, my company laptop has Windows 10 and it works.

Integration Studio works, it's just Service Studio :/

Did you already reinstall the Visual C++ Redistributables like all other Windows 10 threads in this forum tell?
If yes, then run Service Studio as Administrator and upload the general.txt file it creates inside it's program files folder after crashing (if any)

João Rosado
Hi João,

Yesterday I've reinstalled Service Studio, run in compatibility mode, run as administrator, and nothing.
I will try reinstall the Visual C++ Redist.
Repaired the Visual C++ Redist and Service Studio works again.
Thanks João.