Preparation not displaying all bootstrapped data

Preparation not displaying all bootstrapped data

I aplogize in advance for the minor question, as I am merely on the second tutorial video with much to learn.
I just learned how to add an Entity, give it Attributes, and bootstrap data from an Excel file to the Attributes. Then creating a Preparation on the Homepage, with an Aggregrate within it linked to the Entity. The Homepage then has a Table Records widget with its source link bound to the Aggregrate's list, and the Entity being displayed (as explained in the tutorial video). This successfully created a PhoneBook with names and phone numbers displayed. HOWEVER, when I tried to play with it by adding another column in the Excel file, then making all the necessary changes, ONLY the title of the new column appears upon publishing.

For example, I created a new column for Addresses in the Excel file, with few arbitrary examples entered in it. I added an Entity named after it, bootstraped it, and did everything all over again. While editing, the Source Record List tool actually has the change shown. The Aggregate does not. Can someone explain why, and how to fix it? 
Hi Devon,

First of all, the "Guides & How-tos" is meant for, well, actual guides. If you have questions of a technical nature like the above, you can better use the Tech forum, as it is better frequented and you'll receive an answer sooner.

As for your question, I've never used the Excel upload etc. myself, so I'm not sure what went wrong. However, if you've added an attribute to an entity, the aggregate should just fetch it. If you added a new entity however, you'll need to add it to the aggregate. I'm sure that if you advance in the tutorials, it will be explained how to do that, but what you can do is open the aggregate, and drag the new table onto it.
Hi Devon,

When you use the advanced entity option "Create Action to Bootstrap Data from Excel" Service Studio will automatically:
  • Create a timer to run a action on publish
  • Create an action to bootstrap the data from the Excel
  • Save the Excel file within the resources section
The action that will bootstrap the data normally does this:
  • Query your entity
  • If the entity is not empty it aborts, if not it will create a record for each row in the Excel
Your problem is here. Altough you have created a new attribute in the entity, added a new column in the Excel and even if you ran the advanced action "Update Action to Bootstrap Data from Excel", the bootstrap action will have the same if condition that will abort if the entity is not empty.
What you can do is change this action behavior, remove the if widget and do a CreateOrUpdate for each Excel row.