How to send if possible push notifications in OutsystemsNow?

I would like to lnow if it is possible (and if yes how) to send push notifications using OutsystemsNow?


Hello Mykola

Using OutSystemsNow, you have the ability to send notifications through PushWoosh (you need to create an account). Just open OutSystemsNowService and see the Server Actions for PushWoosh. You can also try to use other provider like Amazon Simple Notification Service.

Also, the OutSystems Now source code is available as open source, so you can always get the code and build your own version of it, customizing almost everything.

For more details, check the OutSystems Now documentation.

Hi César, 

Thank you for pointing to outsystestemsnowservice actions.
Does it need developers account of PushWoosh or free is enough to start using it in app?

Thank you.

Hello Mykola.

The free version should be enough, but keep in mind that it has lots of limitations.

Hi César, 

My concerns was that free doesn't have API's...