Can data be written to the Excel from which an entity has been created using import


An entity has been created by Importing Excel in data tab. And the excel used for this is seen under "Resources" folder. Usually when a data is imported from external db, making changes to the data is reflected in the database as well. Is the same possible for an excel sheet where making changes is reflected or data is written to the excel sheet? Please advise.
I'm not sure if I got it right... but what you wish is basically when changing data from "imported entity" from excel, make this changes be reflected on the excel file under "Resources" folder?
Hi Vimal,

This is not possible. You could of course export data to Excel, but this will not be to the same Excel as you used for import. What exactly is your usecase?
Thanks Kilian & Andre!! 

I was hoping to check if there is a functionality in outsystems that allows the data to be written to excel sheet without writing any action for the export.

Usecase example: a single excel sheet available & accessible for different users to edit and make changes in it through the application rather than each one generating an updated sheet through export.

Appreciate for the inputs. Thanks!!