I have to change one of my application from my personal environment to another environment. so i have requested this IPP transfer but i received a mail stating "IPP could not be granted." now. But once already in past days i have done the same and i have got permission to change the location. I dont know why im not getting it now. So can i know any possible ways to get it done? I will be glad if i get the solution as soon as possible. Thank You!
Hi Hemalatha,

As per my experience, if you have license of OutSystemes you can request for IPP transfer. Only CSP team can do this. Even they can link your personal environment with your development environment so that in future you don't have to request for IPP if you have developed anything in your Personal environment. So contact to your support tram.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Please can you help me by proving the information as how to contact the CSP team? 


You can check this link how to ask for removal of IPP protection.


In email, write your registered email id.

In Destination Activation Code, provide destination active code from Administration tab (Service center) of your licensed environment.

Upload an eSpace which you want to convert from personal to other.

You'll receive an email with the espace which you can use in other environment whose Activation code you had sent.

(Alternatively you can ask to link your personal environmnet with your licensed environment.)

Hope this helps.

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Suraj Borade

This helps us in a better way. Thank you.
Great detailed information.
Hi Hemalatha, Let me give you a better understanding of what's happenning. The Personal Edition was designed for individual experimentation and sharing with the community. The terms of use you agreed with when you signed up for the personal clearly promote sharing, and require outsystems authorization, at its own discretion, for exceptions. I would say you need to rethink where you develop your company ip, or simply share more! ? I hope this gives you a better understanding of what's happening. Joao
ThankYou for your reply.