Service center problem

anyone can help me. i cant upload System_components.osp

Error in advanced query DeleteState in AsyncOperation_CleanUp in AsyncOperation in ServiceCenter (delete from {Async_Operation_State}   where  {Async_Operation_State}.[Time_Stamp] < @OlderThan       and {Async_Operation_State}.[Id] not in(          select from (              select id from {Async_Operation_State}                  inner join                  (select {Async_Operation_State}.[Target_Object_SSKey], max({Async_Operation_State}.[Time_Stamp]) as time_stamp                   from {Async_Operation_State}                   group by {Async_Operation_State}.[Target_Object_SSKey]) t                  on t.Target_Object_SSKey = {Async_Operation_State}.Target_Object_SSKey                       and t.Time_stamp = {Async_Operation_State}.Time_Stamp) t2)  ): You can't specify target table 'OSSYS_ASYNC_OP_STATE' for update in FROM clause
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It seems you need help from the support team - they are really great and will help you with that.
You can submit you case here:

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