[Silk UI Web] low resolution on desktops

[Silk UI Web] low resolution on desktops

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Published on 14 Jun by OutSystems Labs
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Published on 14 Jun by OutSystems Labs
Hi comunity,
I need your knowledge so solve a problem.
Most of our customers use low resolutions on their computers, on Silk when page is rendered it determines what type of device is making the request.
("Page windows chrome pt LisbonTheme Website UseHeaderFade landscape desktop")
So they are seeing content in 800px and not getting the right experience.
I was forced to activate Site Property ForceSimulationDevice on Production Environment.
Is there a way to solve this issue?
Even on lisbonpreview we can see the same problem.

When emulation is off the javascript is not working as it is suppoused to.
Presented class "desktop small" when it should be tablet because width is <1024

I end up solving this issue.
On espace SilkUI framework  Version 1.4.1, on SilkUICommon web block need to change the init function.
The logic doesn't take in consideration the size of the screen because is hardcoded "Desktop" instead of using function that.getDevice() responsable to check width of screen.

 } else {
                //Device is desktop
//Before that.setCookie(cookieDeviceName,"Desktop");

First time a browser opens silk framework saves a cookie named DEVICE_TYPE containing the type of screen, so for clients that opened screens before this fix and have resolution below 1024 need to update this cookie (I forced this cookie temporarily to be always updated ).

Hello João,
Silk UI approach to responsive is a bit diferent.
When you are in a production environment, the device simulation is always off (unless you usethe site property). 
So, if you are in a desktop, you will always see the desktop experience, no matter what the resolution is. 
We do provide you with some classes that you can use to customize your own css to better adjust to the specific resolution of your screen. 
Last but not least, you solved your issue by changing the javascript code inside the eSpace SilkUIFramework. 
This is not recommended, because whenever you want to upgrade to the latest version of Silk, you will have to do it by hand, which can be quite difficult.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Samuel Jesus
Hi Samuel,

Strange as it may seem there's a lot of people that uses low resolutions on desktops. I guess they are used to, or have vision problems. This kind of users have as maximum resolution of 1024px most of them still work in 800X600. I must activate tablet resolution on screens of this size. Otherwise, I will be compromising their user experience.