Not able to sea the value of Checkbox

Not able to sea the value of Checkbox

Hi Everyone, i am getting a list from advance query and then assigning into a another list, i have bind the boolean value of list into a checkbox but while debuging the value of checkbox its still false. which i have already checked.

Hi Devid,
               you have assigned the boolean field to the check box, but you are not using it in your logic, so it you want to see the value then you have to use it in your logic.

hi it works...Thanks a lot rajendra ,...getting gud responce from Community.

Note that the debugger (annoyingly) often does not show values you're interested in, either because the debugger itself decides not to, or because the Platform has optimized them away because they're not used in logic (like Rajendra said).

Another example is when retrieving data from the database, often only the Current is available, not the entire list, when e.g. looping over it (since the Platform uses a database cursor in that case).
Thanks Kilian Hekhuis.