Default Value on combo box

Default value on combo box: I don't know why that is not working. I have an entity (not static) that holds a list of case types: "Criminal, Family, Appeal, Homicide, etc..."

On a new case, I want the combo box in the case entity bound to this casetype list to show "Criminal" as a default.

Since the casetype attribute in the "Case" entity is an identifier to the casetype entity list, in the preparation, I fetch the proper ID for the "Criminal" casetype value (it's id could be different for each customer). Then, assign the id value to the CaseForm.Record.Case.Type attribute.

I figure this should work, but it doesn't. The casetype combo box still shows the first value on its list.

What am I doing wrong?

Note, I read the forums on other questions about similar issues, but none of them is really about assigning a default value for a brand new case.


Hi Macro101,

From your explanation, It seems you are doing everything right, except the assigning part. 
Instead of assigning the ID to the Form you should assign to the aggregate (wich is bind with the form).

What you need is something like this:

Let me know if that helps.

ooooohhhhh..... That makes sense! I was wondering about how the form gets its value and knew had something to do with it. It seemed obvious that my assignment was being overwritten by the aggregate. I just thought I could overwrite that somehow.

I just tried and it worked. Thank you so much.

By the way, thanks for going the extra mile to demonstrate the example in pictures and even an actual link! (although I couldn't log in to it). 

You could have just responded with those 2 lines and it would have been a lot easier for you. I just wanted you to know It really made a difference in understanding it quickly and I truly appreciated the extra effort.

You rock!

I'm glad I could help  :)