Is there a way i can convert a static entity record to text  or date.

I have a static entity which I am using to filter with so I need it to know when a choose a record I need it to return certain date.

For instance; Static entity name Filter and has Date and Name as records. I used a combobox to show a list of available filters, when I choose date I need it to filter according to today's date. I however cant seem to assign the static entity to a value because it gives me an error.

Any ideas on how i can convert the static entity record to hold the value I need it to?
Hello Laura,

You can not assign values to a static entity because they are static.
But maybe you don't need that because what you are trying to do is to filter according to a specific criteria - Name or Date, right?

So I guess after you select name or date, you have another aggregate/query that will be filtered according to the selection that was made.

If so, you just need to put an if before this aggregate/query and filter accordingly.

I'm not sure if this helps, but if you want, share you .oml here and I will help you with that.

kind regards,

Hi Vera,

Thank you for your response. The problem that i have is if I have more than two filters they tend to override each other and others stop working.

I am trying to filter by all the fields in the combobox, if you can help me with one am sure I can figure the rest out.

Please find attached my OML. Thank you in advance
Hi again Laura,
I was not able to test it because the oml has many dependencies, but here it goes a possible solution (please test it). The only thing missing is the "most popular events".

Please review the code and let me know if you have any question.

Thank you a million times,  It works. You saved me.

I will sort out the most popular events.

Thank you once again