[Silk UI Web] SectionExpandable Accessibility Features

[Silk UI Web] SectionExpandable Accessibility Features

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Published on 11 Jan (12 days ago) by OutSystems Labs
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Published on 11 Jan (12 days ago) by OutSystems Labs
As a university in the United States all of our sites have to be considered web accessible.  However, I am trying to use SectionExpandable because it looks and functions great and it is not accessible because there is no way for a user to get to and activate the section with a keyboard or using link list built into the screen reader.  In order to use this component we need this functionality.  Thoughts?
Hi Thomas,

Did you check this page to see where and how the SectionExpandable pattern can be used ?


Thanks for Trying Ravi but that page is of no help to us.  It is implemented and works, etc. However, we just have no ability to expand each section using only a keyboard which is actually a requirement for it to be considered web accessible.  This is the general concern with most of silk ui.  We are wanting to use Silk UI, however, are required by law to make sure all of our webistes are web acccessible and it seems the case much of Silk UI is not.  I await any help.  
Hi Thomas

Silk UI provides various patterns that we could use in our application and make them accessible all over the world. In order to use the silk UI components, install the Silk UI application in your environment and drag and drop on your webscreen and pass required parameters. Please let me know if you want me provide a sample example of using sectionExpandable.
Hello Ravi.  I'm sorry we are talking about two different things in the terms of accessibility. I'm not talking about whether or not someone can access something from all across the world.  I'm talking about whether or not a person with disabilities, screen readers, limited motor skills ,etc. can successfully use and navigate the website.  Here is information on what I'm talking about https://www.w3.org/WAI/intro/accessibility.php  and these are the standards we need to follow https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/

Our issue is that we have to abide by standards that say a user has to be able to use a website/web component using solely a keyboard or mouse (not both together but both seperate) and a user with section expandable cannot activate the section using only a keyboard.  Many of the components aren't accessible by the guidelines we have to follow.  Pretty much any institution of higher education in the United States (along with many in other countries) have to follow these guidelines/laws.  

Hopefull this helps explain the issues we are having.

Thank You.

Hi Thomas,

I would be interested in knowing what your conclusions were, it seems I have a similar problem now and will have to re-code large sections of my silk-ui website using different controls and probably no weblocks. 

Do you have any guidelines/advice/tips/techniques?

I think the OutSystems Accessibility paper should maybe have a section on what controls/silk ui features not to use and/or how to make them accessible for users using a keyboard.