Rich Widgets not working after deployment

Hi there,

I am having some problems here when I deploy my app from development to production.
I am currently developing an app, with different e-spaces, and I am facing some problems with only one of them and only in production environment. This problem is specifically related with the Rich Widgets used. 
In this app I used Rich Widgets such as Popup-Editor and Navigation. All works fine while in development environment, however when I deploy it to production, in this particular e-space, it stops working. And this happens only in this e-space and I have others which use the same RichWidgets and they work both in development and production.
I am using the same Platform Version in both development and production mode.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Francisco,

Did you check in Service Center whether there are any broken references? Did you check whether there are any error messages logged?
Hi Francisco,

Are you using HTTPS in production server? Take a look at the console in the developer tools of your browser and see if there is some error related.
Hi Kilian and André, 

Thank you both for your answer.

Regarding Kilian's sugestion:  

Yes, I've checked and I don't have any broken referenced. I have also pubished a solution with all these components to ensure that the references were healed and the solution was published successfully. And I don't get any error messages as well..

Regarding André's sugestion:

It seems that I get some errors there indeed! Going to check that out.

Thanks guys!