Is there a way to get the old value of a column in the RowSave action? I tried to use the value in the aggregate but it is the same as the value in the widget.

Hi Stanley,

I'm not sure I got it right... Could you explain your scenario a little better? Which widget are you using? How are you binding it?
I have an EditableTable using a data source from an aggregate. In the EditableTable said I have a text box to display the value of the associated column. When the user made some edit on the row and triggered the RowSave action, how can I get the original value of the text box/column? I need it to compare with the typed value to detect if the column is changed.
It depends of which source variable you have set to the text box. You probably are using the field of the Aggregate as source variable, so the input value will be binded with it. The correct would be put the record of the widget as source variable of your text box. So the value of the aggregate will remain the same and the widget value will be set with the value of the text box.
It works.

Thanks Andreé

Good to know! :)