Hello People,

I have declared few attributes of Decimal datatypes. Decimal Length is showing 37 and I have put Decimals places to 2.

I am calling Web Service and storing values from Web Service into this table. Web Service returns more than 2 decimals hence before storing into the table, I am formatting values retrieved from Web Servce to 2 decimal places and then storing into the table.

When I retrieve values, aggregate returns upto the 2 decimal places but Advance query displays multiple decimal places.

It was working fine in version 8 but we didn't check after upgrading to version Today our user reported this issue that they are seeing multiple values for decimal places when exported to excel and for export to excel we are using Advance Query.

Please advice. Whether this is platform issue or anything else.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Yes, this is a confirmed platform issue. I'm not sure when it will be fixed, we have not heard back yet from support.
Kilian Sir,

Thanks for the reply.

 I found that Data Type of dimensions used in structure of Advance Query is of Text. If I change it to Decimal and query the tables, it gives formatted output for decimals upto 2 places.

I am using single structure to store vaues retrieved from Web Service and for Export To Excel 's Advance Query. Decimal data type in structure will not work at the time of importing from Web Service since it requires Text data type.

Now I need to use two structures. One for Import from Web Service and one for Export. Import structure will have Text data type for Dimensions field and Export structure will have Decimal datatype for dimensions fields.

One question is still pending why was it working in Version 8?

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Sometimes bugs appear because of fixes to other parts of the Platform :). What exact version are you running that causes these problems?
Hi Sir,

Now I am using OutSystems version
The bug was introduced in and 9.1.300.0, it's caused by #1105735 (see here). We still have no word on when it'll be fixed.

Hi Killian,
Any chance you know if this bug has been fixed yet? 10.0.903.0

Regards, Johann

Hi Johann,

I'm not sure, but given both its severity and age, I'd say it should be fixed by now.