multiple zones and resources possible?


I have 2 front-end servers,
1 is public
1 is private.
hence I have 2 zones, "Global" and "Internal"

I have 2 espaces.. 1 is Global, so is everywhere.
1 is Internal, because I don;t want it to be on the public server.
The internal is is using resources.
The global one is calling actions from the internal one.

This will end up in an error "could not access resource.... make sure the reference is not outdated and both espaces are on the same zone"

How should I resolve this?
besides placing the internal-espace in the "global" zone
The resources are not set to publish btw
Hi J.,

I'm not sure I'm following. That is, not from someone who's as smart as you :). I probably misunderstand, but do you actually want to call, from the Global zone, an action in the Internal zone? That kinda defeats the whole purpose of zoning, doesn't it?
not really, because the zoning is for screens...
(and the espaces that are referenced will tag along no matter what)

Hello J.

If your public espace referenced screen elements of your private espace, then this is expected. The screen elements, like webblocks, themes and such, will result in links to their resources (js, css, etc). So when your public espace references the private espace screen elements, you'll have links in your public espace pages, to the private espace resources.

If you need to split the espaces into public and private, but reuse code, stick the references to logic and datamodel only. If you need to reuse screen elements, create a third global espace, referenced by both public and private.

Hope this helps.

well, solved it by not using the resources.
(which is better hindsight)