[ardoHTTP] HTTPPost - connection refused

[ardoHTTP] HTTPPost - connection refused

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Published on 30 Oct by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 30 Oct by Ricardo Silva

when I open a site with the browser on the server it works.
yet when I post to the same url with HTTPPost I get a "machine actively refused it"

I find this a bit strange, so I am wondering what the problem would be..

Hi J. 

Are you using HTTP os HTTPS?
In case of HTTPS, do you have valid certificate?

As far as I know, that error is related to certificate issues.

I may be wrong but it may be worth a try.

Hope it helps.
if I need to post this with a 2-way ssl. Can I still use this component?

What do you mean by "2-way ssl" ?

Are you wanting to use Client Side Certificates for authentication with the remote server? If that is the case, this component is not prepared to handle that case.

found it out the hard way :)
had to customize it a bit so it adds a certificate based on thumbprint.