Renaming applications that contain our eSpaces

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We have about 4 applications (basically our layers) in an Outsystems environment for our main application that we develop on. They were all named "X_Data", "X_UI", etc when development was started in, what was thought to be, the name of the application. The business has since changed their minds (after we went into production) and changed the name of our system we developed.

I know one can rename the applications in Service Studio to whatever you need, but are there any possible side-effects of doing this? We will of course be using LifeTime to do our deployments.

I am of the opinion that all should be fine if we just rename our Outsystems Applications, but this is just for our team's manager so I can be 100% certain.

Thank you!!!
Last year we had a project we only knew the name when in production. I think there are no impacts in renaming.
Usually what we do is to keep the working title in espaces, but inside a Project-named application. That way there are no URL impacts.
And with SEO Rules we redirect the espace name we've used for months into the final one so that we can always get there through both the new or old name.
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Thank you. That is what I thought. We are definately not planning to rename our eSpaces, as the names are relevant. It is just the application names on LifeTime, such as Analytics, that is bugging our business stakeholders (not that they will ever see them when the system runs in production).

We usually do QA environment updates on Mondays, so I'll see if I can rename them before we do a Lifetime deployment again.


Renaming the application has nog effect. It's 'just a label' for the eSpaces that are in it.

Renaming the eSpace is a different story, but that was not the case here.

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Thanks Evert.

Just waiting for my dev manager to give the go-ahead :)