[Html2PdfConverter] Error while configuring HTLMToPdfConv: "Access to the path 'C:\Pro...es' is denied."

[Html2PdfConverter] Error while configuring HTLMToPdfConv: "Access to the path 'C:\Pro...es' is denied."

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Published on 21 Mar by Guilherme Pereira
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Published on 21 Mar by Guilherme Pereira

I'm getting the following error message while trying to configure HTMLToPdfConverter (Uploading conf files).
Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\HtmlToPdfConverter\binaries' is denied.

There is anyone that hava experienced the same issue?

Thank you
Hi Ricardo,

Yes. Check if you are using impersonate on your htmltopdf.

If not may be some sort of server configuration gone wrong. In case of multiple front ends could be just one of them.

Hope this helps
Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for the wuick reply.
When you say "impersonate" do you mean "Run As:" option on ServiceCenter?

For the second option, how can I configure the eSpace to just run in one front end?

Thank you,

Yes I meant the run as feature.

Why should you want to run in a single frontend? The only way to do it is with zones but the component is prepared for multiple frontends (just activate the farm modeconfig on the admin page).

if you have multiple and think one may be the problematic you can access the url directly in each one (using the ip) and check witch one fails.

Anyway your error indicades lack of permissions so my first guest would be the run as and only if not using it focus in server configuration frontend by frontend.


Just to close the topic. this issue was solved.
And the reason for it was wrong configuration when installing the platform.

The user don't have the right privileges.