[Internal App Store] Only registered devices can install app?

[Internal App Store] Only registered devices can install app?

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Published on 2016-05-11 by RUG
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Published on 2016-05-11 by RUG

I was trying to distribute iOS modified OSNow through this app. I was able to install app to my phone that is registered in devices in my developers account, but another phone (not registered anywhere) can't install app after loading and progresscircle is completer I have an error - "'myappname' could not be installed in this time".
Should I register every device I[m going to send a link to or I have to configure something else?

Thank you.

Hi Mykola,

The issue in which you stumbled upon is related with the type of license that you're using.
I'm actually preparing an article explaining all these kind of constraints.

So in iOS can distribute your application through the App Store (B2C apps) or internally to your company employees (B2E apps). For each one of these distribution types you have diferent types of licenses:
  • Apple Developer License - $99/year - allows B2C distribution - outside the app store, only devices in which the UUID is registered in the provisioning profile can install it (typically test devices).
  • Apple Enterprise License - $299/year - allos B2E distribution - any device from the company* can install the applications signed with this.
* Only legal enforcement

This means that if you aim to distribute this application internally, your company will have to acquire an Apple Enterprise License.

Hope this helps you out.