How to handle/remove a uploaded file ?

I created an application that uploaded a file via upload file widget and now I would like to know for sure that the uploaded file was removed. I created a register with file's information but I don't know if the uploaded file is associated to it when I delete the register
I'm not sure I understood your question.
If the file was saved into DB, deleting the register deletes the file. If the file was saved into file system, you need to delete the file.
Yes Nuno, I am confuse.  My problem is that I am not sure if am writing it properly in the DB using the file input widget. Maybe attaching my oml you can understand better my doubt. I tried to remove the dependency from Documents but I don´t know how to do it. I copied the files that I need inside my module and it obstinately continues to keep the dependency. Do you know how to remove it ?
I went to Add/Remove Dependencies and removed the unused dependency.
To check if you we're writing ok to DB, I made a download action. It is there.
To delete the information, I made a delete action. It deleted the file.

Check it.

PS: I haven't changed that part, but careful not to store binary data in the same table as the rest of the file info if you have many files. It affects performance.
Great Nuno

Thanks so much