Hello All,

I have requirment to print the details of employee which are showing on web page.Client just press ctrl+P and trying to print the web page. But it only print expressions statement rest of the page gets blank displayed on print page. So I want o print all the details those are showing on web page.

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 Pradeep Chavhan

Try to use media queries in the CSS just for print purpose.

Hi Nuno Rolo,

Thanks for your valuable reply, but I really dont understand what you want to say can you please elaborate it. If possible can you please send me an oml regarding this.
I have attached screenshot I want to print it but i am unable to print it.

Thanks and Regards,
   Pradip Chavhan.
Well you need to make some adjusts to your styles in order to show right in a print mode.

Check the follow examples to see if this helps you.