Have you checked your new community homepage?

Hi guys,

You asked for a new hub where you could find all the information you needed - and now you have  it.

I’m happy to let you know that we have just launched the new Community Homepage and revamped the Forums.

What’s new?

Let me start by saying that most of the changes were made because you asked for them - because you gave us your ideas. And we listened:

There is also a section for new and relevant content, a Jobs Board, a new and improved experience when searching for something, and a whole new look and feel for the home and forums page.

So, what do you think?

If you have any additional questions or feedback, please share it in the “New Community Feedback” Forum - Let us know your thoughts!


Carla Sofia


I was just checking the new community page. It looks good and thanks for the improved version.

I was actually checking unanswered questions tab and opened an unanswered question. When I clicked on back button it went back to default tab instead of going back to unanswered questions. Can this be fixed ?
To elaborate on Ravi's issue.  Whenever I read an article anywhere inthe Forums, when I get back to the main forum page it always goes to page one of the Recent Activity tab.  The page neext to remember which tab was last opened and which page of that tab was last clicked.

I was able to deal with it for a while but it's becoming more painful.

Hi Ravi and Curt, 
Thank you for your feedback.
We have been looking into this issue, and will work towards fixing it as soon as we can. However, due to its complexity, I can't say exactly when this will happen. 
But it will be fixed :)
Please let me know if you find other issues, or have any other feedback you might have.
Carla Sofia

Hi guys,

It's fixed since a while and I forget to share with you