[Silk UI Web] New control: SelectToRangeSlider

[Silk UI Web] New control: SelectToRangeSlider

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Published on 14 Jun by OutSystems Labs
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Published on 14 Jun by OutSystems Labs
Hi. I have made a new control in SilkUI. It's basically the RangeSlider control, but it works with select boxes, instead of numbers. It can be used when the options of the select are simply an ordered range of values, like in the picture below (sorry, it's in portuguese, but it's a range for education levels).

It could be used in ranges that are not representable by numbers, such as:
  • size of t-shirt (small, medium, large, extra-large)
  • satisfaction level (not satisfied, neutral, satisfied)
  • size of your latte (short, tall, grande, venti, trenta)
  • and many more examples

The modified SilkUI is attached. Could someone please consider merging this new widget into the official SilkUI?

Leonardo Fernandes
Hello Leonardo,
Thank you for the suggestion. I'm adding it to our backlog to be further analised.
For a future reference, try not to change SilkUIFramework directly. By changing that eSpace, whenever you want to upgrade you will have to do it manually, merging your code with the new version of Silk.
Our suggestion is tht you copy the pattern and all the necessary code to a new eSpace.

Samuel Jesus