Posts related to Forge components

For posts related to Forge components, the component name needs to show someplace.  For example, the most popular one is titled 'Bugs / Suggestions', which could apply to anything.  Only when you click on it do you discover it is for Silk UI Framework.

I'm not a big fan of the [<component>] prefix that was used previously so maybe something on the left side on the same line as the poster's name and date/time?

Hi Curt!

I see your point! It makes sense to me. I'll collect your feedback to implement in the next release.

Thank you so much.


Hi Curt,

I was trying to understand and have more context about this topic but now I'm a little bit confused about what you really propose here!   

Ana S.

Below the topic, there's an indication it's about a Forge component, shouldn't that be enough info Curt?


This was fixed quite a while ago.  They went back to the [ComponentName] prefix before the subject which is fine.  At least I know what component is being discussed.


OK! That's why I was so confused! thanks