[Silk UI Web] IE11 slow performance

[Silk UI Web] IE11 slow performance

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Published on 14 Jun by Labs
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Published on 14 Jun by Labs
We are running platform in the cloud with silkuiframework 1.0.3 and we are consistently seeing IE11 running 2 to 4 times slower than Chrome even on the simplest screens.

As anyone else experienced performance issues on IE11? If so where you able to resolve it without customising code based on the client detected as has currently been suggested by OutSystems.
Hi, what is exactly slow?

- retrieving the files (js, css etc)
- rendering of the page? -> ie11 sucks with certain patterns
- are you sure IE11 is in the right mode (IE11, and not IE7-compatible mode)

Rendering the page if I am reading the developer tools properly. Turning off compatibility mode showed consistent improvement. On the worst performing page it went from 6 seconds to 4 seconds, still lagging behind Chrome which only takes 3 seconds. This is an intensive dashboard page with lots of charts and widgets so I am not expecting super performance. Just an extreme example of the performance difference between IE11 and Chrome.
Hello Michael,

I'm sorry to learn that you are experiencing this issues.
Silk UI is tested across several devices and browsers, including IE11. So far, we never came across with that problem.

Turning off the compatibility apears to be improving the performance of your app. However, you can still do a couple more tests to see if there is still room for improvements:
  • You say that the exact same page renders without any issues on Chrome, so I do believe that the issue may be your IE11 and not with Silk, but to be sure my suggestion is that you try to replicate the same simple screen (with all the same logic), but this time on a new application based on London Theme (and so, without Silk UI). With this, you can isolate if the problem is around Silk or the browser itself. Also, make sure to check if your IE11 is up to date.
  • Test the Silk UI Website on both browsers, and see it the problem is also happening there

Last but not least, you are using an older and discontinued version of Silk UI (v1.0.3). Since then we have made some optimizations around CSS and Javascript. Although those optimizations were not IE11 specific, it may help reduce the page loads, so I would recommend that you ugrade to the latest version.

Please let us know if you have any other questions, and also please share the results of your tests with us.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus