Display Messages on all screen on demand

Display Messages on all screen on demand

Hi guys,

I want to display a message on a number of selected web screens, that message should apper as a conteiner, linking that message to another web screen. The message should apper after a new detail is made, for instance: An admin creates a new detail "new meeting at...", when that detail is saved, a message should apper in any screen a regular user is on, on the bottom of that page and on top of whatever thing is being displayed there. Anyone know a good easy way to do something like it?
Hi Nuno,

When a new detail is created, insert a new record in a notification entity of your DB (consider create it in your datamodel). Create a webblock that retrieves this messages from DB and reuse it in all screens which this message should appear. Since the datamodel details depends of the requirement, I can't provide more info about how this entity would be.


What is needed? To let other users know this now exist? When you do it on screen level, when you know how to hide the message? User x looks at screen x and see it, message should disappear or User y can also still see the message in screen x?

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