How to render Table Record Fast

I have a record list with 2000 records, but taking much time to render in table records widget, sometime occurred time out, because there are many conditions bind in widget...
So i decided to use Infinite Scroll component from forge, I successfully add this with my code but here also same problem, when i scrolled many time it takes much time like without component.
So have any one solution to load Table record  faster with any components.. or can we  render fast table record with new records added in this widget.
I think with infinite scroll the client side rendering will be improved by showing the rows on demand, but the query will fetch the records same way. Try to apply pagination at your table records. If pagination is not an option, you will have to improve the performance of your query (see refered link).

Hope it helps.
Thanks for reply Andre.

Yes i already used infinite scroll but after many times load it goes to take much time to render table...

have any idea to refresh only new added records in grid after adding recors with infinite loader?
Sorry, but I don't know how infinite scroll works under the hood. However I don't believe this could be possible with this component... As table records grows, the query will fetch more records and it takes more time to render too, since all table will be refreshed. I would try to use the logic of pagination to retrieve the new records and add new rows to the end by injecting html via RunJavascript (instead of refresh all the table), but it will demand a lot of work and advanced knowlegde.
Hi Amit,

Even I also don't know how infinite scroll works but if you are displaying more than 500 records on a single page (My personal experience), your page becomes slow. Ajax refresh doesn't work and Server side Javascript stops functioning. You can check that by inspecting in browser for Javascript. (Javascript in my page was failing for around 1120 records on a single page and for around 500 records Ajax refresh was not working).

So better way is to go for Pagination. Let us know your use case to display 2000 records on a single page. You can advice users why it is not a good practice to display 2000 records on a single page.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade

Thanks Andre and Suraj,

But here systems requirment is to show data in single page, because multiple functionality working on..

I think you are going to have to go back to them and say "the system requirements need to change".

Facebook crashes in all of three browsers when I scroll down too far. It gets REALLY slow too. That is how *any* infinite scroll will behave. You can't keep shoving a ton of data into memory and expecting things to work well. Everything gets slow. Think about how jQuery works, and the CSS selector model... it will ALL be slow when the DOM gets massive!

You simply have a bad requirement (needing more than 2,000 records to show on a screen), you've tried to make it work out... it will not work out and behave nicely due to the limitations of Web browsers.