Upgrade from 6 to 8

Upgrade from 6 to 8


After the upgrade from 6 to 8, when I run the application, all advanced queries with EXEC "Store Procedure" give an error: "Could not find stored procedure". But If I open one eSpace and test one advanced query it works well. 

Can someone help me, please?

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Hi João,

When upgrading your environment, did you move your database into a new server? Also, did you change your runtime users (Configuration Tool users)?

I'm asking this because looks like OSRUNTIME user is lacking permission to execute your SP.

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Ivo Gonçalves 
Hi Ivo.

Many thanks for your reply.

No. I didn't move the database to another server and I didn't change the runtime users. I just followed the checklist. Because that I don't understand what happened.
At runtime, all advanced queries using tables work well but advanced queries executing store procedures give errors. And tables and store procedures share the same database.

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João Burnay

Hi João,

Can you check if OSRUNTIME user has the required permissions? You have the instruction here.

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