Problem in consuming SOAP Web Service

Problem in consuming SOAP Web Service


I am trying to consume this SOAP Web Service URL

for currency conversion but it's always returning me -1. Can you please tell us is there anything wrong with this Web Service?
It needs two input parameters From Currency and To Currency.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj

Pretty sure that it is a problem with that coversion site and not the consume in OutSystems.

Even the REST API directly in the browser always returns -1.

You can even try it from the documentation page.
Try it:

João Rosado
Hi Suraj,

Why would we, as OutSystems community, know why there's something wrong with some random webservice?
Thanks Joao. Hi Kilian sir, I am not a Web Service expert so I just wanted to check if someone from community has used Web Service for currency conversion and faced the problem. Thanks
Hi Suraj, You can try consuming that Web Service using SOAP UI and check the result. Hope this helps. Regards, Steven
SOAP UI also returns -1, as João pointed out, even their own website example returns -1. The web service is botched.
Hi Sir,

We have decided not to use that Web Service and have decided to build our own Web Service. Thanks for confirmation.

Thanks Steven for your suggestion.