'Update Behavior' set to 'Changed Attributes'

'Update Behavior' set to 'Changed Attributes'


Today I received warning for one entity
"Scalability Suggestion:Entities with a large number of attributes should have their 'Update Behavior' set to 'Changed Attributes'."

After this I set update behavior to 'Changed Attributes'.

I want to know why this warning came since my entity contains only 9 attributes.

Chanigng attribute behavior to 'Changed Attributes' will cause any effect on my data?

Please advice.

Thanks and Regards,
Suraj Borade
Hi Suraj,

A quick test reveals that that warning kicks in if you have more than 7 attributes. Apparently, from 8 and up the Platform deems it sensible to set it to "Changed Attributes". I'm not sure what happens under the hood exactly (it obviously compares current and new values, but I'm not sure how it keeps track of changes), but personally I've never seen any problems with setting it to that value. So no, it doesn't cause any problems.
Hi Sir,

 I received more explanation from the support team and it is enough to stop my concerns.

Here is reply from support team.

"That warning message is performance related. Setting the update behavior to "All attributes" will decrease the performance in all updates over that entity as it will need to iterate all the attributes from the database.
Changing that property to "Changed Attributes" won't affect the data as it will only have impact on the update operation (only fetching the fields that have been changed).

The OutSystems Platform has some warning mechanisms to help you developing a better application, also regarding its performance, and that's why the warning was shown when you had more than 8 fields. Actually, by default, when creating a new entity the Update Behavior is set as "Changed Attributes" so the update operations can be optimized."

As you mentioned, it will not create any problems for data.